Alright, you get the gist, this blog is about design. What you don't know is that it is much more! Feel free to comment on anything-pictures, advice, or even give your input! It would surely improve the website and would be greatly appreciated. If you have ANY design dilemmas,remember, I am always here to help! That's one of the reasons why I created this blog, to help others with design solutions. Right now, I am an aspiring interior designer. I can also help with any fashion related questions too! This blog is about everyone with a little taste for design! It should be a community of people who love discussing these types of topics. Now, I don't want this sounding like a homework project- this blog is for your personal enjoyment! I will show you how to transform your house into something beautiful with little work. I promise to fix all your design problems and to further enhance your love for design! Please feel free to comment, it would mean a lot. Thank you for all your support and love! 
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