Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sofas in Middle of Room
Recently, I redesigned my drab basement/playroom. We have an old couch that was pushed against our wall, it was far away from the television and our other couch/chair. EVERYTHING was against the walls, and as you may know, many well known designers claim that is a "no,no" in the interior design world. SO... I experimented. I'm happy to say that our sofa is now happily sitting away from any walls. I guess I am saying that the moral of the story is to be open to new ideas and don't be afraid to put YOUR sofa in the middle of  a room. Just remember to have a focus point!(fireplace, television, etc.). Below are a few sofas sitting freely in the middle of the room. 
As you can see, this room has a focus point(the fireplace) and two sofas. There is a desk lining the back of the first sofa- this is a little trick for you to take note- if your sofa's back is old and scratched up, just put a desk or table in front of it to cover it up... no one will ever know! 
I absolutely LOVE this room, it is so cute and colorful! The room doubles as a kitchen and living room, which is why the sofa is simply used as a divider to separate the two. Again, furniture doesn't always have to be surrendered to a wall- why do people always think that? Think of all the beautifully designed rooms you have seen in magazines and on television- I bet half the time the furniture isn't even against a wall! There's so much more options out there, just look around! 
Finally, we come to a room centered COMPLETELY around the fireplace. Before I go into an explanation as to how this works... I feel as though I should mention the beautiful rustic beams. I mean, come on, I know you were looking at them too! Enough said, this room is definitely well designed. As you saw in the first picture, a table was used behind the sofa. On either side of the it, tables were placed. If you look closely, the tables DO NOT match- that is perfectly okay. It was not a design mistake and they ordered the wrong table, it is fine if you find two side tables you like- just use both, if it works! I think I've said enough- don't be afraid to try different things, after all, it is your house and you can move it back! 


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