Saturday, July 16, 2011

Me, wanting to do Laundry?
Tips for making YOUR laundry room an enjoyable one.

Well, I don't know many people who enjoy doing laundry... laundry is one of those dreaded chores no one in the family wants to do. In fact, the laundry room is usually that one room with the door shut that no one bother's to enter. Don't you think the laundry room deserves some TLC too? Read below for some cheap and easy ways to spice up your old and deprived laundry room!

Add cute laundry-related art work. I always think this add some character to a laundry room. If you have a bath/laundry room, this is a great way to create some separation and distinguish the laundry area from the bath area. The above laundry prints are from Ballard designs- click here to see.
Another affordable way to add storage is to add shelves with decorative storage. You might want to base your room around the nautical theme as it is very calming. I suggest you try canvas textured fabrics colored in cremes,yellows, or blues (click here for rugby striped bin from the container store ).You might also want to look into having a counter on top of your washer/dryer. Unfortunately those of you without a front loaders will have to do without. However... if you are lucky enough to have one, adding an additional counter top above might be worthwhile. While this adds an ample amount of storage for your countless loads of laundry... this also adds for a more finished look. 
Turning a closet into a mini wash area is a great DIY for small spaces. Stack your washer and dryer to add more space and install built-ins or shelves for extra storage. Rather than installing doors to your new washroom, add curtains for a cheap alternative. 

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